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How To Play:

Using Mouse

About is an addictive multiplayer game The objective here is to stake a claim to as much area as you possibly can. As you make your way through the spaceship, make sure to move in and out of the safe zone quickly so that you may cover more land. To remove other players, you must cut off their escape routes.

Mouse-controlled crewman. To run, use WASD or Arrow keys. Safe zone: solid-colored patch. Leave it to expand influence. Returning to base completes the line. Keep the transparent trail unbroken. Otherwise, they will murder you and lose all progress.

Welcome to the vibrant universe of "Among Us" In the Amogus io game, you must apply your own color to everything. You can compete with other impostors for territory; simply capture them. Be the best player in this io game and claim the top spot on the leaderboard.