Beaver Weaver

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How To Play: Beaver Weaver

Using Mouse

About Beaver Weaver

Beaver Weaver is a fun embroidery-themed art and creativity game. With brightly colored threads, you can make everything from small 25x25 mini-canvases to giant 150x150 stitch grids.

Beaver Weaver is based on the legend of how James Cameron invented the movie director machine. Everything started when he was visiting his friend in the city. While they were playing cards, a neighbor's son told them some fantastic stories about how his father invented the production equipment for the Sutra-Elevator company. That evening, Cameron decided to develop a video game with this theme.

A weaver is a bird that makes its living by weaving. It’s one of the most common species around, and it’s also one of the most useless. In fact, many people consider beaver weavers to be the ugliest birds in the world.