Bubble Shooter Extreme

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How To Play: Bubble Shooter Extreme

Mouse: Aim by moving your mouse and click to shoot the bubble.
Mobile: Tap and hold to aim, release to shoot the bubble.

About Bubble Shooter Extreme

Extreme Bubble Shooter is a game that shares many similarities with standard Bubble Shooter; however, there are enough differences that people seeking a greater challenge may choose to play this one instead. Unlike the original, this version necessitates more careful planning and has less of a reliance on luck when it comes to increasing the score and avoiding a game over. Let's examine what makes Extreme Bubble Shooter unique.

Bubble Shooter Extreme is an arcade game, you are ready to play high-speed arcade style bubble shooter with friends or family. Use the arrow keys to direct your shooting bubble and avoid the obstacles. Collect coins to boost your score. Use the spacebar to pause the game and use both hands to control three different bubble colors simultaneously. Try not to let the bubbles get out of hand! 

Bubble Shooter is an Arcade game where you have to pop as many bubbles as you can. Use your mouse to aim and pop the bubbles. Try not to hit the walls and obstacles! Make sure you don’t let the bubbles get out of control and end up with a bitter taste in your mouth! Have

Game of bubbles! Shoot the bubbles with the mouse to pop them and prevent them from making their way into the drink. Use all your skills and experience to master this challenging bubble game!