Fall Boys : Ultimate Knockout

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How To Play: Fall Boys : Ultimate Knockout

About Fall Boys : Ultimate Knockout

Fall Boys : Ultimate Knockout online game is a fun physics based racing game. Your mission is to control an elastic stickman. Fight with AI-controlled bots. Kill others to level up and become stronger. And most importantly, be smarter than your opponents and come up with well-thought-out tactics.

Battle it out with other players in this exciting fighting game where you get to pick your character and the arena you fight in. In reality, there will be no combat; rather, your mission will be to grab the other player by the hands and toss them out of the arena. Your size and power will increase in direct proportion to the number of opponents that you defeat. To prevail in this fight, you must first eliminate all of your adversaries.


  • WASD or arrow keys - control player
  • Space bar - jump
  • Move your mouse to move the camera view