Flip Bottle

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How To Play: Flip Bottle

Press left mouse button at the right moment to jump.

About Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle is a skill game inspired by the popular bottle flipping trend of 2016. To get to the checkered block at the end of each level, throw the bottle onto the platforms and jump through the level.

What is the best way to play Flip Bottle?
You must flip a bottle to throw it through the living room in this one-button arcade game. You can direct the bottle to land on the bookshelves, the TV, or the microwave. You can bounce it across toasters and slide it along the tilting frames of paintings and photographs.

Jump and double jump to keep the bottle from falling to the floor. Earn coins for each level completed, and use the menu to unlock more bottles. Soda cans, fizzy pop bottles, wine bottles, coffee cups, and even champagne bottles can be unlocked!

In this game, flipping the bottle is simple because it usually lands upright. Do you want to try your hand at bottle flipping in real life? Here are some pointers: The amount of liquid in the bottle is critical. When your bottle is between 20% and 40% full, or about one-third full, the trick works best. Bottles in the shape of an hourglass also aid in the mastery of the skill.