Geometry Jump

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How To Play: Geometry Jump

Use up arrow key / space / left-click button to dodge the obstacles.


About Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump is an adventure game where you have to catch as many balls as possible in time. Run, jump, and slide as fast as possible to get the highest score and win. What you will learn from playing this game: - How to play This one ? - Scorestreaks, challenges, and strategies for each level? - What’s the best way to explore new areas of the game? - How to score high amounts of points in This one ? How To Play This amazing game The only way to get through each level of Geometry Jump is with a high score and a high scorestreak. These are your tools in guide- ing your way through each level. You can improve your skills by playing challenging levels or short challenges that test your skills. 

Enter a world of mystery, wonder and fear as you race to the finish in this high-speed running game. You'll have to face down incoming obstacles, avoid nasty traps and follow the path of the falling blocks in order to reach the end. Will you be able to survive long enough to have your last run? Can you face the consequences for being late? Will you make it out alive? Eureka! The final run is near! Will your last obstacle be covered or will it lead you into danger? This game is filled with tricky walls, hidden traps and hidden shortcuts. Don’t let anything stand in your way this time!

This game is a fun and unique running, shooting, and climbing game. You need to run, shoot, and climb somewhere once in a while to get higher. But it’s not always easy! There are many levels with different obstacles that make the run, shoot, and climb even more difficult. You will have to think quick and be able to see where you are going! This game has a challenging but fun goal approach to gameplay. If you like running games or shooters you will love this one! It has some great music as well as some cool backgrounds that keep you on your

Spectator game of running from pillar to pillar, climbing up and down high walls, avoiding sharp corners. Gravity is a mysterious force that can make you dizzy and at the same time help you take off your shoes. In this game, you are supposed to run as fast as possible in three different directions while avoiding tightrope-crosses. There are many levels to conquer, so plan on being ready when the timer goes off. 

Can you run, jump, and turn in this game? If your answer is yes then you’re in the right place. This is a running, jumping, and turning game that can be played either alone or with friends. The running aspect of this game is crucial because it will help you in gathering clues while jumping and turning.