Giant Rush!

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How To Play: Giant Rush!

Using Mouse

About Giant Rush!

The Giant Rush! exciting card game can accommodate a number of players at once. It is necessary for you to post cards that have the same number or are the same colour as the card posted by the player before you. You have the option of playing against a computer-generated opponent or joining a multiplayer game where you can compete against opponents from all over the world.

Giant Rush is a fast-paced, hyper-casual fighting game featuring giants, monsters, a deadly arena, and monster duels. Jump on board, run through the obstacle course, merge blobs, grow stronger, and battle giant monsters in offline fight games!

In brawl games, you must sword fight with the giant monster, dodge incoming attacks, and defeat the opponent. Select your strategy and help your stickman hero win the epic battle! Build a strong blob runner warrior and crush your opponent in offline fight games.

A thrilling survival race! Collect and upgrade your blob hero, overcome all obstacles, and defeat the Giant King in an epic battle. In mediaeval combat games, you can lead your stickman hero, collect and merge blobs to become stronger. In brawl fighting games, summon a larger and more powerful warrior to face the giant king.

Run through perilous zones, merge blob heroes to become stronger, and cross the finish line! To WIN the sword fight games, brawl against the giant boss at the end of the run race. In brawl games, the giant boss throws hard punches, dodges incoming attacks, and fights back.

In brawl games, you can gain experience by facing dangerous giant monsters. Engage in monster duelling and epic battle games against giants. Go on a castle raid, collect blobs, and grow in size to fight giant monsters in sword fight games. In monster battle games, dodge incoming attacks, swipe to hit back harder, and destroy the boss.