Halloween Snake and Blocks

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How To Play: Halloween Snake and Blocks

Drag your snake using your mouse or finger. Avoid colliding with big-number blocks and collect points to expand. Stars unlock cool snake skins in the Shop.

About Halloween Snake and Blocks

Halloween Snake and Blocks is a fun, casual game. It is simple to control but extremely difficult to master. Crawl as far as you can while collecting points to increase your length. Collect stars to unlock a variety of fascinating snake skins. There is support for a global leaderboard. Now is the time to start playing and climbing the scoreboard!

  • Move your snake by dragging your mouse or finger.
  • Collect points to grow and avoid colliding with large-number blocks.
  • Collect stars to gain access to new cool snake skins in the Shop.

Halloween snake and blocks free online game is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other Apple and Android systems.

Have you ever wondered how the blocks in your favorite games work? How about how many ways there are to win a video game? If you’re anything like us, then you probably answered “yes” to all of these questions. You see, mathematician and scratchboard artist extraordinaire, Diogenes Of Sinope, has spent his life looking for logical correlations between phenomena that exist in the real world. In this video game number theory video series, he explains how blocks in casual board games work and why he can’t help but call them snakes and omelettes.