Jewel Halloween

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How To Play: Jewel Halloween

Match at least three items sharply. Matching four objects earns points and boosters like bombs. Spinning the lucky wheel may assist. Collect as many coins as possible to become the Halloween king.

About Jewel Halloween

In Jewel Halloween game, you'll need to use your quick thinking and logic. While you go out on your coin-collecting expedition, you can look out for pumpkins, monsters, and skeletons. Do you have what it takes to complete all of the levels without feeling scared?

The game is called Jewel. The goal is simple: find the hidden jewels. You can play alone or against the computer to see if you are as fast as you think you are. Each level has its own set of jewels, and once you find them all, you unlock the next level. Sounds simple, right? If only it were that easy! There are numerous ways to get caught by the game. Some levels have many more jewels than there should be, while others have fewer than they should be. The algorithm used in the game is quite clever and will often give unexpected results. There are also other factors that can go against you such as network latency, device lag, and software bugs (if any exist).