Lucky Golden Piggies

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How To Play: Lucky Golden Piggies

About Lucky Golden Piggies

Lucky Golden Piggies is a fun 2D game to relax. Collect lucky piglets and try to get the last golden pig. This is a fun game to play on the Chinese New Year holiday.

You can keep getting coins by merging piggy banks and letting the game run on its own. As you combine these little piggy banks into more and more luxurious porcelain figures, you'll bring wealth and luck into the new year.

How to play

In this game, you combine piggies by clicking and tapping on the screen in order to increase your riches. Discover what takes place when you combine two of the same kind of piggy banks. After a while of collecting the lucky piggies, you will need to open a fresh pack and purchase new ones from the game store. Make an effort to obtain the best possible golden piggy. Every ten seconds, you can get a free Level 1 piggy bank or a mysterious one from the chest. Don't worry and have fun.

Control: To fill the grid with pigs, click or tap quickly.