MineCraft Classic

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How To Play: MineCraft Classic

About MineCraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is a free online game where you can play with other people and build your own world. Minecraft Classic has 32 building blocks, and you can build whatever you want in "creative mode." You can also invite up to 8 friends to your server to play with you in "multiplayer mode."

The first Mojang release is what Minecraft Classic for the web is based on. It doesn't have as many features as later versions, but you can still have a lot of fun playing it in your browser.

In Minecraft Classic, only rustic structures such as houses or shelters can be created, and the map is limited by an invisible wall. The game of survival and exploration of the endless open world helps players unleash their creativity with fun square-shaped constructions.

How to play Minecraft Classic?

  • WASD - Move
  • Space Bar - Jump
  • Show building blocks - REMOVE
  • Place/Remove Blocks - LMB
  • Swap put/remove blocks - RMB
  • Spawner - WOOD
  • Chat - BILLION
  • Fog Conversion - F
  • Save location - Enter
  • Load location - A