Minescrafter Xmas

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How To Play: Minescrafter Xmas

Using Mouse

About Minescrafter Xmas

Minescrafter Xmas is an adventure game that can be dangerous. In this adventure, you have to change into Alex and Steve and kill the zombies and put the animals in Alexsin's backpack to get them out of the dangerous forest.

Fun game based on the popular Minecraft, with a Christmas version that will give you a lot of.

How to play

Take charge of Alex and Steve. As part of this journey, you will need to dispose of the zombies and place the animals in Alexis's backpack in order to protect them from the perilous forest. Get the animals out of the forest as quickly as can because there are terrifying monsters hiding in there, and the animals are terribly afraid of them.

Attention! The zombies have laid a trap for you. You will perish if you come into contact with it. In order to avoid death, you must avoid touching the traps at all costs.