My Shark Show

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How To Play: My Shark Show

Press WASD or the arrow keys to move.


About My Shark Show

My Shark Show is a fun arcade game in which you take on the role of a shark performing tricks. Provide maximum satisfaction to your customers by jumping through fiery hoops, eating meat, and smashing into various human intruders!

When you can have SHARKS instead of dolphins, who needs dolphins? In this infamous sequel to the My Dolphin Show series, you are tasked with entertaining the crowd by performing epic shark moves and jumps. The show is about to take a much more sinister turn! performing dangerous stunts such as jumping through burning hoops, gathering meat, and devouring other fish.

When the Shark Show begins, not a single surfer will be safe. In each stage, you should strive to achieve the highest possible score and gather as many coins as you can. You can trade in your coins for fresh skins of sharks and other marine creatures.