Smash Karts

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How To Play: Smash Karts

Use key Arrows or WASD to drive

Use SpaceBar to use abbility

About Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a 3D battle Royale io game in which you drive and collect secret boxes to level up weapons and battle with other players.

Developed in WebGL and io, Smash Karts are a 3D racing game. You will have the impression that it is really you behind the wheel thanks to the cutting-edge 3D engine and 3D physics that are included. Compete against your friends in a go-kart race to the finish line, earning power ups and gaining access to new courses along the way. The game can accommodate anywhere from one to four players at once, making it an excellent choice for get-togethers. You and your friends can compete against one another in a variety of go-karts. You can increase your kart's speed by collecting power-ups, or you can use them to knock other drivers off the track.

A game with a rapid pace in which players take control of karts and compete against one another while using various weapons to eliminate their rivals. In the role of a kart racer, you will have access to a garage where you can modify your character, kart, and various power ups. The io game Smash Karts features 3D graphics and online multiplayer, both of which contribute to the game's frenetic pace, which will get your heart racing. Collect coins and power-ups as you make your way through an endless track to improve your racing kart's speed. The graphics in Smash Karts are absolutely stunning, and the game features a wide variety of cool maps, in addition to a multiplayer mode. In this hilarious and difficult game of cat and mouse, you and your friends will compete against one another. Defeat some tough competitors and take first place in the Grand Prix!