Subway Santa Runner Christmas

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How To Play: Subway Santa Runner Christmas


About Subway Santa Runner Christmas

Subway Santa Runner Christmas is a fantastic endless running game. A Santa Claus is running and playing in a subway. Assist Him in running and collecting all monies and gifts.

Subway Santa Endless Surf Runner is a wonderful endless runner subway escape game! Subway Santa Surf Endless Run is a holiday gift for you to renew the Christmas enchantment and brighten up your festive spirit at the best time of year. It is addictive for both youngsters and adults. Accept the snowy journey to become the good-will missionary and prevent Christmas from being a total tragedy. Unfortunately, Santa's sleigh was struck by lightning, and all of the presents were strewn all over the North Pole's village area. The jovial old man is in serious distress and desperately needs your help. Don't disappoint him, or the children who are eagerly awaiting their Christmas gifts!

Santa Claus goes through virtual areas to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. He found himself in the Subway Surfers Universe today in the game Subway Santa Runner Christmas. Our hero must travel to the holiday. You will assist him in this. Santa Claus will race along the subway lines in front of you on the screen. Examine the screen attentively. Your hero will face a variety of difficulties along the journey. You will have to make the hero go around or jump over all of these obstacles by effectively controlling him. There will be gift boxes all throughout the place. You will have to gather them. You will be awarded points for each object you pick up. Santa might also receive a variety of bonuses.