Subway Surfer Bali

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How To Play: Subway Surfer Bali

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About Subway Surfer Bali

Subway Surfer Bali is the fourteenth update to Subway Surfers and the eighteenth installment in the World Tour series. Game, Sandwiched between the action of a sultry night on the beach and the hustle of a shepherds piddle, Bali is an island paradise with endless opportunities for sightseeing. The best way to explore this adventure is by bicycle or by foot (depending on your abilities). The best way to get there? Subway. So here's how you do it: walk or cycle from one end of the island to another via crowded subways. You can go to any major island in the archipelago and take a train or a car ride to another island. 

This game is a third-person action game with platforming elements. As the title suggests, the player controls one of four subway riders as they travel around Bali’s beaches and underground subways. The game features an arcade-like presentation with bumpy, vertical sections and puzzles that get more challenging as they go on. This amazing game is a unique combination of action, exploration, and platforming at its finest. It is a unique experience that won’t be found anywhere else. 

This amazing game,game,3d, running, adventure, 3d, subway games, action, adventure Sydney Suburbs Sydney CBD. Subway Surfer -on- the road -A-trip-through-the-suburban-adventure! Adventure across the city and its subways! This is a 3D game where you have to travel around Sydney city as fast as you can. With each step you take forward or backward in time you will go through different subways and go back to your starting point. 

Subway Surfer Bali is a 3d action adventure game that takes you on a journey to the next station in this beautiful island of Bali. You will travel on the subway by foot and fight your way through various levels. As you progress, you will unlock more stations and encounters with other riders. The more platforms you can pass through the more places to go. 

This amazing game is a 3D game developed for mobile devices. It was released in Indonesia on May 26, 2018 and has more than 6 million downloads to date.