Subway Surfer Singapore

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How To Play: Subway Surfer Singapore

Using Keyboard and make more coins.


About Subway Surfer Singapore

Subway Surfer Singapore is the 52nd installment in the World Tour series and the 57th installment in Subway Surfers. Adventure Racing for 3D run and jump over the city with your friends in this hidden training mode. Test your reflexes as you race down the Harbour City’s main thoroughfares. You can also compete against your friends in Challenges to earn rewards and win chests full of cool upgrades. 

5th November 2018 #1 Paid app game! ive played games since the Atari was released, and for a long time i loved playing them. but now that my kids are old and grumpy, and my teens are mostly gone, I can finally relax a little bit. 

Subway Surfer is an arcade game where you have to run, jump and hit the ball as fast as possible in order to get there destination. The faster you go, the more points you get which makes the journey more enjoyable. 

Legendary Subway surfers are back, and the task is even more difficult this time. The heroes of the popular game should have arrived in Singapore, but they were delayed at the airport and want documentation that they are traveling for competitive purposes. There is an invitation, but it has been shredded, and you must now assist your buddies in reassembling it so that the police do not miss their flight. There is still time, so hurry!