Subway Surfers Hong Kong

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How To Play: Subway Surfers Hong Kong

Using Mouse

About Subway Surfers Hong Kong

Subway Surfers Hong Kong is the newest Subway Surfers Games. Are you ready to have fun as security officers chase you on a flying scooter along the dangerous train tracks of this great Chinese city?  

 In the game Subway Surfers World Tour Hong Kong, this is where you go, and the hero of the surfer is already excited about a long run through the subway tunnels. You will face new obstacles with an eternal flavor, and the Chinese servant of the law will be on your tail, waiting for a chance to grab the rider by the collar and drag him to the station. Don't give him that chance. In the Subway Surfers World Tour Hong Kong, you have to jump and run quickly.

Game features:

  • Experience unique architecture and dazzling beaches
  • Join forces with Sofia to get her brand-new Tango outfit unlocked
  • Ride the cool Roto board through the colorful streets
  • Find shiny horse shoes to win prizes in the Weekly Hunt.
  • RUN as quickly as you can