Subway Surfers Mumbai 2022

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How To Play: Subway Surfers Mumbai 2022

Using Keyboard and make more coins.


About Subway Surfers Mumbai 2022

Subway Surfers Mumbai 2022 update was released on September 19, 2022. This is the 13th update for the year 2022. Explore the City of Dreams and its vibrant, bustling streets!

In Mumbai, the next stop of the Subway Surfers World Tour takes place. 
Spend some time exploring the City of Dreams and its vibrant, crowded streets! 
Run and jump on some of Mumbai's vintage trains, take in the splendor of nature, and enjoy the majestic Gateway of India, which is also known as Mumbai's Taj Mahal.


The game Subway Surfers Mumbai 2022 is available for free online. The next stop on the Subway Surfers World Tour will be in Mumbai. Explore the streets of City of Dreams with all their dazzling lights and activity! Take in the splendor of nature, gawk at the beautiful Gateway of India (also known as Mumbai's Taj Mahal), and sprint across the city on one of Mumbai's many ancient trains!