Subway Surfers Space Station

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How To Play: Subway Surfers Space Station

About Subway Surfers Space Station

Subway Surfers Space Station is a new game in the subway surfers series with a space theme. In this new episode, you've already been everywhere on Earth, so you've decided to go to an amazing space station to feel what it's like to race in space.

Games story

Jake is about to start a new adventure on our website, and we need your help to beat the highest score ever seen in a Subway Surfers game. Can you do it? This time, the game is called Subway Surfers Space Station, and it will be played just like the first one. You have to avoid the trains and other things in your way if you want to keep moving forward and adding points to your score. In the new Subway Surfers Space Station, you can set a new high score record.

Enjoy amazing new space and futuristic Hoverboards, choose new characters, and do this exciting feat with Cosmobot and Frankit the robots. Get ready to race as fast as you can along the tracks of a space train, picking up gold coins and trying not to get hit. This time, you won't be running away from the guard with his dog. Instead, dozens of flying robot guards will chase you at full speed.