Subway Surfers Winter Holiday

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How To Play: Subway Surfers Winter Holiday

About Subway Surfers Winter Holiday

Subway Surfers Winter Holiday is the sixty-fourth edition of the Subway Surfers game. A famous street artist paints Christmas scenes on house walls with paint cans during the winter holidays.

Games story

The winter holidays are here, and a well-known street artist uses paint cans to paint Christmas-themed pictures on the walls of homes. But he broke the law, and the police officer who saw him wants to arrest him. You will help him get away from the police in the game Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday. On the screen in front of you, you'll see the road that your character will run down at full speed. Pay close attention to the screen.

On his way, he will come across obstacles that he will have to run around or jump over quickly. There will be gift boxes, toys for the Christmas tree, and other things on the road. You will have to get them all in the game Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday. If you choose these things, you will get points.