Subway Surfers World Tour - Iceland

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How To Play: Subway Surfers World Tour - Iceland

Using Mouse

About Subway Surfers World Tour - Iceland

Subway Surfers World Tour: Iceland is an action-packed adventure game. When the cops come after you, run fast and keep clear from vehicles and other road hazards. Enter the world of Subway Surfing with your friends and show the rest of the world that you’re the #1 subway surfer in this fun, crazy game! Action-Platformer-Racing Join up to 4 players in this crazy game where you have to guide a whale through a series of tubes while avoiding obstacles. 

The world’s most famous and fastest-growing food chain is back with the ultimate adventure game in a whole new generation. Reunite the Surfers, who have been scattered across the globe while completing various quests, in one final intercontinental journey to get their colleagues back home. For each of them, this means gathering together somewhere they can call home: a subway station, a shopfront or a platform. Their quest will take them through different worlds and different time periods as they get closer to regaining their friends and being able to go back to work: eating Subway sandwiches!

SUPER SUBWAY SURFER is a new thrilling video game released in July by Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Emulator: XMB. You are a subway surfing champion and want to win the championship! You will compete with other surfers of your country, trainee surfers, and professional surfers on different levels.