Subway Surfers World Tour Sao Paulo

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How To Play: Subway Surfers World Tour Sao Paulo

About Subway Surfers World Tour Sao Paulo

Subway Surfers World Tour: Sao Paulo is the 20th game in the series. The game takes place in Sao Paulo, which is the biggest city in Brazil. There are a lot of coins on the way to Subway Surfers Sao Paulo, and some are even on the roofs of the cars, so it's worth climbing up on them.

Game Story

After the cold capital of Russia, where you can already feel winter coming, it's time to head to sunny and friendly Brazil in Subway Surfers Sao Paulo. You will be in Sao Paulo, which is a beautiful city with a lot to see.
There are many museums, parks, and places to walk and enjoy the local culture, but our hero is persistent and will again drag you to where the trains rumble. He has already taken out his skateboard, and just in time, too, because the policeman is breathing on his back and won't let him get ahead. You can only get away from the chasers if you can jump over obstacles with skill.