Temple Runner 2

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How To Play: Temple Runner 2

Run as far as you can. Collect coins, idols, and treasures. Unlock characters, power-ups and upgrade them. Avoid various obstacles and get your highest score.


About Temple Runner 2

Temple Runner 2 is an awesome 3D Adventure game, where you are trapped inside a temple and need to find a way to escape. In this game you are going to play as a guy named Jin who just got trapped inside the temple while he was trying to find a way out. Now he is locked in there with no other option but to escape via finding useful objects and solving puzzles so that he can get out of there. You will have to solve different puzzles where you have to use different utilities such as Telephones, Musical Instruments, Books and Candles in order to complete them. Throughout the course of the game, you will also meet some interesting characters who might help you in your journey or they might not depending on their personalities. 

Are you ready to run like a chicken? Run like a rabbit? Are you ready to run but the place is closed due to some maintenance work? Do not worry, just run in Temple Runner 2! This time there are many new exciting levels and obstacles for you to overcome. It is another fun filled Temple runner sequel. You need to run as fast as possible while collecting golden coins, smashing through boulders and avoiding traps. You also have to watch out for other running chickens, rabbits and bears while they attempt to catch or attack you. There are many super awesome features in this game that will keep you hooked from start till finish. There are more than 10 challenging levels with different landscapes, themes and obstacles for you to unlock. Also don't forget about the special characters that will help you get through the level.

Temple Runner 2 is much more than just a Temple Run game. It’s not only a 3D runner game but also an adventure, a puzzle solving and also a challenging action game. Run through ancient temples in this fast-paced running game. Tap to jump over obstacles while running at high speeds. Collect coins and purchase power ups to complete each level quickly. There are various levels in the game starting from the Beginner Level to the Expert Level and the player can choose any of them depending on their gaming skills and their interest. The player can unlock new characters as they advance in stages or by purchasing them with coins. There are various types of obstacles such as rocks, saw blades, traps and many more that you need to avoid when running through temples.

Temple Run is one of the most thrilling runner games ever! Your little hero has just learned how to run. Its your first time outside your cave so you take off running through strange and unknown surroundings. Unfortunately, you're not that great at running; it takes you quite a while to get far enough to realize what an adventure you are missing out on. Thats where we come in! We have the perfect solution for you: Temple Run 2! It has everything thats great about our original game Temple Run, reimagined with even more awesome features! You will now see new temples and locations as well as new obstacles that will challenge even the best runner. 

Temple Run is a simple game. You see some walls, and you run as far as you can from them. It’s very repetitive after a while, but it’s addicting at the same time! Your goal is to run through temples and get to the end of each level. There are obstacles such as walls, rocks, water and more that will slow you down and make it impossible for you to reach the end in one try. When you finally do reach the end of the temple, you win! The first Temple Run was released in December of 2013. Since then it has been downloaded over 100 million times!