The Smurfs Cooking

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How To Play: The Smurfs Cooking

About The Smurfs Cooking

The Smurfs Cooking is a fun cooking game where you can serve food and drinks from a food truck at a big Smurf festival. Prepare and serve the orders in the best order possible.

The Smurfs are planning a Smurftastic festival where there will be lots of cupcakes, donuts, and cakes. The treats will also have icing or jam on them to make them look nice. There will also be tea, juice, and a lot more. Torti, the smurf who cooks, is of course to blame. He has a lot on his plate because he has to do what the Smurfs tell him to do as quickly as possible. Serve the Smurfs and Torti at your stand exactly what they want to eat and drink. 

Speech bubbles show what the Smurfs want to say. You can also find out how much time you have to make each wish come true. Before each level, you can see how many dishes you need to cook or how many smurf berries you need to get to pass the level.