TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

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How To Play: TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

Using Mouse

Press left mouse button to interact.

About TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 immerses you in the terrifying, hilarious, and bizarre adventures of the TFQ horror series! You should therefore head to your bedroom, your dorm room, or really any room, and get ready to scream your lungs out while laughing your way through a ton of hilarious jokes and puzzles based on the scariest movies that have ever been filmed. This is not a game that your granny or little children should be playing at all.

These spooky yet entertaining puzzles are packed with eerie references to a wide variety of your favorite horror films and television series. Simply being friends with them will send shivers down your spine. LOL. How is that even possible? Find out by navigating the game using the point-and-click interface. Will you be able to make it to the very end of the game without losing your mind?

These terrifying but hilarious puzzles contain terrifying references to many of your favorite horror films and television shows. They'll make you laugh while chilling you to the bone. How is that even conceivable? To find out, simply point and click your way through the game! Will you make it all the way to the end and escape with your sanity intact?