Words With Buddies

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How To Play: Words With Buddies

Play with friends or other players and make words to gain points.

About Words With Buddies

Word Buddies is a hilarious and completely free word game that allows you to join other players from all around the world and improve your witty word play skills. Are you prepared to go head to head against your comrades, family members, and friends from all around the world?

Your wordplay is limitless thanks to the more than 35 spells that are available to you. Make use of your tiles, amass as many points as possible, and work your way up the ranks to become the next Grand Champion!

Word Buddies is a free and entertaining crossword game that you can play online. Your mental capacity will be enhanced, and your vocabulary will grow as a result of this activity. It is without a doubt the most effective way for you to occupy your time and unwind.


  • There are multiple game types, including Solo and PVE mode, from which you can choose.
  • Join a team and you'll be able to talk to your teammates and share lives.
  • Beautiful UI design: A straightforward user interface with cartoonish graphics.
  • A variety of one-of-a-kind boards Each board has its own set of one-of-a-kind components, and as a result, each of these boards can provide you a different kind of game experience.
  • Superb Boosters: Make use of unique boosters at strategic points in the game to assist you in achieving victory.
  • Cool prizes: Completing levels earns you stars, and those stars can be redeemed for cool prizes.
  • Player profiles provide you the opportunity to showcase your personal flair through the use of unique profile layouts.

Don't forget to invite your friends to play Word Buddies with you; they won't be able to stop playing once they try it because it's so much fun!