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Controls Move your mouse to control the snake's movement Press X to use skill

About is an intense and addictive arcade-style shooting game. Players take turns attacking enemy lines of tanks and piping pipes with gasoline bombs. The more fuel accumulated, the more powerful your character is able to shoot. The better you shoot, the higher level you reach. It’s a formula that has worked for years, and it’s still one of the most played games on Facebook. However, this time around, players are choosing from several different Worms versions. Each one of these Worms versions has its own unique gameplay and narrative that you won’t find in any other version of the game. This leaves us many questions about this new chapter in our history: SliP? Yes! Instead of just keeping serving users who have been playing it for a while, we’re now giving you creative ways to explore the world of Worms! 

Worms: Wright vs. AI - Game Update 2! The second game update for Worms 5 makes its way to XBL and PSN this week, adds new themes, worms, bots, and more. Check out the details below. New Colors For These Worms Blue has a new color in Worms 5: Dark Blue! Check out the new colors for these worms below and let us know what you think of them in the comments section below. Credits: @GameXBLA, @DarthVulganization, @Crazy_Fractal Okay everything is good now that we have an update?!

Worms is a 3D shoot’em up video game set in the Worms universe. It’s been around for almost 30 years, and it’s still going strong! Once you finish the final level of Worms, you can explore the main locations for these levels to complete your Worms Game World. We have some great content for you this week regarding the latest update for both the ios and Android versions of Worms 5!

The latest official trailer for the upcoming superhero game, Worms is here! The opening cinematic of this action-adventure game is filled with action, action and more action. You take the role of a biologist who aims to save humanity from the jaws of death.